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P R E - M A D E ,  Y O U  P I C K  U P

Our a la carte menu is perfect for clients who love the fresh from the garden style, but don't require on-site set up or very specific design. This option is ideal for clients who only need personal flowers, centerpieces and a few focal arrangements. 

                    a la carte events require a minimum $450 order                   

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a la carte ceremony badge.jpg

click on a la carte boxes above for detailed descriptions of flowers

* All flower prices are based on our homegrown, field flowers. If we are designing flowers for you outside of our growing season or you are requesting flowers we do not grow, prices are subject to change as we will be sourcing from a local wholesaler *

CLICK on "Estimate Form", print off and return to Farmflower.

CLICK on "Pick Up" for more information. 

Is "a la carte" going to work for you? If you are looking for specific flower types, require an in-person consultation or have more complex event design needs, then the a la carte option is not well suited for you. Contact us to set up a consultation.  

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