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DIY Arrangments



Bunches are available End of April* through October. We used to offer mixed buckets of flowers and greens, but it gets too confusing for us and for our customers. Selling by the bunch mimics wholesale, but it is SO much better because you are buying LOCAL! 

*April and May are touch and go depending on weather, but we typically have spring flowers like tulips and daffodils. 

              PRICING STARTS AT $10 PER BUNCH              

Bunches of seasonal and sustainably grown flowers for the do-it-yourself weddings and special events. You can specify what bunches you want and as long as we have it growing in the field, it is available to purchase in a bunch! 

Do you like the idea of designing your own floral arrangements for your wedding or special event?


Buying bulk flowers from local growers can be a budget friendly option for brides who have the talent to create their own designs, not to mention supporting your local businesses. But before you decide to do your own wedding or event flowers, PLEASE CONSIDER THESE QUESTIONS.  



Do you have enough time?

The week of your wedding or big event can be hectic. It's easy to underestimate the time you need to complete your floral designs. Keep in mind pick-up, preparation, transport and placement at your event. 



Do you have all the necessary tools?

You'll need heavy-duty snips, buckets, vases, flower food, wire, ribbon/wraps and other supplies.



Do you have the workspace to do the design work?

Flower arranging is messy work and you'll need a space that is cool, has access to water and where it won't matter if it gets wet and dirty from all the cut leaves and stems.



Do you have enough people to help put together the arrangements?

Floral design for a wedding isn't something you'll want to tackle alone, especially for beginners. We typically have 2 designers working on a wedding or event 2-3 days prior to the wedding or event. Make sure you have enough help to support you.



Do you have a place to store arrangements once they are put together? 

After all the hard work of putting together your arrangements, make sure you have a safe place to store them away from all potential dangers (cats, children, ripening fruits and vegetables, etc).  

Untitled drawing (2).jpg


Do you have the means to transport arrangements to event space? 

You'll need to figure out how to and who can transport your arrangements, vases filled with water and flowers, to you final destination. 

If you answer YES to all of the above, then DIY designs with fresh, local, seasonal flowers might be a great option for you!

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