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(Source: Intuition Physician - The Benefits of Grounding)
1. Gives you a healthier brain - spending time in the garden, or in our case, a flower field, lowers your risk of dementia! A study done in January 2020 found that gardening boosted levels of brain neurotransmitters tryptophan and serotonin, which are necessary for healthy sleep patterns and mood stabilization.
2. Gives you boosted mental health - multiple studies have found that having access to a garden or other green space decreases depression rates, anxiety rates, and dramatically reduces stress. Once study found that simply walking through a garden significantly improved mental health.
3. Lowers your blood pressure - plain and simple, plants boost mood, productivity and make you healthier. Even a simple window sill garden or a house plant can produce the same effects.
4. Helps you recover your health faster - being physically near plants is so impactful to our mental and physical health. We have an innate need to be near foliage and plants, a study found that patients recovering from a surgery had better moods, used less pain meds and had less complications from surgery. 
5. Decreases your body's inflammation - when you touch a plant, walk barefoot in the grass or put your hands in the dirt - you are directly connected to the earth and with that, you are reaping the benefits of the earth's healing powers. We are highly conductive beings and the earth & universe conduct an energy current known as direct current (DC). This DC circuit of energy flows through every natural surface on our planet. DC energy is what the living human body uses to function. Medical studies are revealing that by becoming a part of the global electrical circuit, through grounding, the human body enters a profound healing state. Do yourself a favor and research the health benefits of grounding on Intuition Physician's website linked below.

6. Gives you better sleep - The frequency of the earth regulates our natural biorhythms. Connection to the earth through gardening or walking through a flower field can help enhance restorative sleep at night and boost daytime wakefulness.
7. Boosts vitamin D levels - A 2014 study found that gardening boosts vitamin D levels across all age groups more than any other outdoor activity. Imagine what a weekly walk through our flower field can do for you?

Enjoy a walk through the flower field. Personal pictures are welcomed - please tag us on social media. You may even take off your shoes, which will allow you to be directly grounded to the earth. Follow the link below to read the health benefits of grounding. 
$10/person             10+ people   $5/person

Public you-picks are open to the public. Walk-ins welcome. You will be given a bucket to gather flowers in and a quart jar to take the flowers home. No professional photography. Personal pictures are welcomed and we encourage you to share your experience on social media - tag us!


Private you-picks include exclusive use of our flower field, a bucket to gather flowers in and a quart mason jar to build your bouquet and take home. You may also bring in snacks for your party and you may hire a professional photographer to capture your private party.

Our farm store will also be open exclusively to your party. 

5-10 people          $30/person          2 hours

11-20 people          $25/person         2 hours

21-30 people          
$20/person          2.5 hours

31+ people          
$15/person          3 hours


Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes. 

- Clare Ansberry


Private Workshop
10+ guests  |  $45/person
Includes Build-Your-Own Bouquet Bar. Lead floral designer, Katie, along with the guidance of Lindsey, will guide you through the steps to building the perfect bouquet for a fun girls night out! Non-alcoholic drinks and light snacks will be provided. You may bring alcoholic beverages if you choose - we don't mind! You will have full private-access to the flower field, as well, for photo opportunities or to take a grounding stroll through the field.   

Private Party
2 hours  |  $250          3 hours  |  $350          4 hours  |  $450
TIME: Our space is available between the times of 9AM and 6PM. The party must end at 6PM.
DEPOSIT: You will make a 50% non-refundable deposit to rent the space. You may choose to change dates, when possible, but cannot completely cancel and expect a return of the deposit. If it would rain, our indoor space will accommodate 50 people comfortably. 
USES: baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, luncheons, etc.
We are not a full-scale event space. We are a working flower farm.
FARM STORE: We will not have the farm store open to the public during your private event, however guests may choose to purchase items at the store while they are at the party.
SEATING: We provide farm table table seating for up to 50 people, with metal industrial chairs.
POWER: We have power available if you need to plug something in.
EVENT FOOD: We do not have a kitchen, so food must be catered. We have no space to prepare food or to wash dishes.
BATHROOMS: We have 2 clean ADA portable toilets available. Along with a wash station. No indoor plumbing.
SECOND PARTY RENTAL CONDITIONS: Must use All Star Rentals as the rental company for any "extra" rentals. We have a great relationship with ASR and prefer to only work with them.

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